Patient-Summary produces structured PDF documents that bring together all the elements of the patient file: medical data, letters, physical and treatment data, images, …


Patient-Summary can be used interactively to produce a document for a particular patient, or in "server" mode to produce a PDF summary automatically and distribute them to an external system at the end of treatment for example.



Some examples of use :

  • Daily archiving of the patient file to an external system,
  • Publication of the patient file to the hospital system at the end of treatment,
  • Production of a summary document for transmission to another radiotherapy service/centre,
  • Extraction of data for a patient or family upon request.


The content and structure of the PDF file are fully configurable, and several "templates" can be produced, each one responding to a particular need..


All the following elements can be integrated:

  • Documents (eScribe, eScan...),
  • Physics documents (Dosi PDF......),
  • Any data from the database, through ad hoc reports,
  • 2D images: identity, positioning, DRR and Portals


The resulting PDF document has a table of contents with bookmarks, which makes it easy to quickly navigate to an item.

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