Totem is our activity monitoring solution integrated with MOSAIQ®.

Totem supervises activities by monitoring MOSAIQ® objects: tasks, documents, appointments, etc.

The use of forms at different stages of the process makes it possible to fill in the parameters influencing the deadlines, stages, and dead-line of each activity.


Because it relies on MOSAIQ®'s native objects, Totem integrates perfectly into the service's operation: it does not require re-entering, does not require managing progress in a separate application, etc....

Totem is suitable for monitoring a wide variety of processes:

  • dosimetry preparation workflow,
  • re-convening patients,
  • monitoring of vital signs (weight variation during the treatment phase),
  • Coupling to patient self-assessment from Tippy to alert the medical team in the event of an "abnormal" input,
  • ….

Totem can produce and store global indicators at different stages of the processes - Presented then with the help of reports, they allow to follow and analyze more globally the activity of the service.


Totem also has an engine and an alert management interface: anomalies are reported immediately and in a discriminated way to the user; depending on the case, they can be presented as a popup or as a discrete notification.

The alert management interface is also usable independently of activity supervision: it allows teams to communicate effectively by distributing information to a particular group or location and ensuring traceability.

3 minutes with... TOTEM

A quick look at TOTEM, the guardian angel of your Radiotherapy processes.

This video shows you how the TOTEM personnal worklist & global case view can help your teams work more efficiently!

Learn more about it...

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